Wardrobe 2010 expo

May 5, 2010 On Saturday, a friend of mine called “Ai”, invited me to go to Wardrobe 2010 Expo because of his cousin or something where he work at in Bandung. The stand is called “Wellborn”, nice design but it’s mostly T-shirts… In my experience the shirt that i use mostly become unusable because I’m not into T-shirt kind of guy so I usually use it for sleeping hihihi…
The ticket cost us Rp. 20.000 I thought we didn’t have to pay to get in and guess what NO ATM in there!!!! OMG… Well the thing that got me surprised is this event is an empty hole…

i expected to be more stand in there but hey what the hell at least we saw some fashion show, and the music… I’m not into rock that kind of thing where they can’t even make a word of what are they’re singing.

I took a look at the ticket, It was sponsored trax, spice, kaskus… They have this sponsor why can’t they bring more people?? Well if it’s me, when there’s KASKUS “whew” no doubt this going to be good but heeeeeey what a fuck… Oh yeah I heard there was a good band of 3 people playing blues, I heard they were awesome but too bad I wasn’t there to watch it.

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