Getting Hit By a taxi BlueBird

On friday at 19 February 2010, me and my friends had just finished taking dinner somewhere in barito. We were like about 6 people eating at barito. After we left, a friend of mine Chica, she wanted to get some milk. I asked a lovely friend of mine Ayke should we wait or not (coz we were close to the house allready) so i decided to wait because I think it’s inapropriate just to leave them especially there was egi friends. The location was in front of indomaret in radio dalam just before circle K.

180 degree hitting bottom of pole and this huge pot…

I was like… speechless… “HIT AND RUN” egi shout “get him!!!” we ran but couldn’t then egi friend started his bike then me and him started to chase him… I was holding my helmet. we couldn’t get him after 1 and a half km from the crime scene, just before Oenpao radio dalam, luckly there was heaps of cars, I so i went down then shout “GET THE !@#% OUT OF THE CAR!!!!” 3x then smash his left window with my helmet…

so he pulled over, went out of the car, I shouted “WHY THE !@#% DID YOU RAN AWAY HUH!!!” Smack him in the head… then the local people came helped him… they thought he was the victim but they did not SEE/WATCH/HEAR what happened to my bike and me… (second late then i would be in hospital)


This is the guy

Name : Budi sasongko
Place / DOB : Jakarta, 21 November 1972
Address : Jl. Pertanian II no 129A RT04/RW05 Lebak Bulus, Jakarta Selatan



This is the foto of what happened to my Fulsar 180

Hiks my blackie :(

Thank you for all my friends for helping me, especially ayke for helping me through rough time together and giving me advice about the laws and religion…

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