Akad 10 October 2010 (10/10/10) 10:00 AM

The day before I needed about 20 people to help me for the *seserahan the bride… there was about 25 of us including my family and relatives. Started to go to the brides house at 8, got there 8.45 there was about 5-6 cars…

We started walking then when we’re about to get to the house there was 1 fotographer and 1 cameraman, It’s like walking like a star.
When we got there we exchange the gifts, then there’s this announcement from MC and welcoming us with a short speech then we started going in.

When I sat down that chair, people was like all eyes on me… Before I get nervous but I used to being watch all the time when I was breakdancing, so it’s all cool no tension involved. We waited until the penghulu the guy that make the arrangement, then it came on 10:00 that’s when I started to get nervous for a bit.
Someone filmed it the best part and I like it, I went smooth LOL

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