Finally the Invitation

Sep 20, 2010

The final design of my invitation of my wedding is actually nearly done, It was really hard to get a printing that actually open on the 5th day of Ramadhan. Most of Indonesian uses this Ramadhan moment to go back to their village and for me who need to get this done is pretty much frustrating. First I went to BenHill, because of my babe said that it’s one the of biggest printing place in there, but i just find out that it wasn’t the biggest printing place, that is in central jakarta in percetakan negara street. If I knew that I would’ve gone there, but as soon as I went to Benhill No Printing is opened on the week of Ramadhan.

So later on i got this info from my babe that her friend got a vendor that usually print with them… so i took a shot and they said they can print on the last week of Ramadhan.

But then CANCELED…
Name of Vendor : Mutiara Advertising
Reason Canceled was it is said that it will be done on Sunday on 19th September… But then calling them hopefully with an answer but no answer…

Tensed, Hoping, Angry and so on… Arrrgghhh


Because I had no choice of rehiring for printing invitation so i decided to keep on printing… So the invitation is done but the result is no good :(

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