Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the startup since 2008. Skilled in System architecture, Server Management, and as a full-stack developer, also experienced Tech Lead.

I have maintained, developed and launched multiple projects from scratch, carrying the development of its back-end and front-end codebases.

My current toolset includes Laravel Framework, Ruby & Ruby on Rails, Wordpress , NuxtJs and all the other various frameworks, libraries and technologies related to them.

  • leading/co-developing the back-end and front-end,
  • setting up the CI/CD (Semaphore, Pipeline, Action)
  • mentoring the team,
  • estimating tasks,
  • researching possible techs,
  • leading, launching and monitoring the project.


I specialize in applications written in both NuxtJS and Vue,

My current experience and skills in front-end includes:

  • Improving the structure, reliability, build setup.
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • AMP, PWA
  • Also familiar with libraries like Angular, jQuery, Css


In back-end development, my current stack involves Laravel.

What I can do for you at that side is:

  • Lead development of backends in Laravel,
  • splitting the back-end into separate domains and microservices,
  • cooperation with APIs, remote data synchronizations, cloud servers, asynchronous workers,
  • using different types of databases (like PostgreSQL, MySQL)
  • writing unit tests
  • Also Familiar with other Frameworks like Codeigniter, Yii

Mobile Engineering

It's never fullfiling if there wasn't any mobile engineering

  • Familiar with Java language with android

DEV-OPS Engineering

Thus, not only I have coded their back-end and front-end codebases, but often I also had to care about other things needed in a successful web application project:

  • Familiar with AWS, DigitalOcean, Vultr
  • launching, deployment and monitoring the app after the release