My Prewedd photo session

On the 7th of August, I had my photo session with my girlfriend at Karawaci in Benton Junction was it? I forgot, We took place in a cafe (forgot the name again) with Ferdi crew’s Photography. When we got there, they made a deal with the cafe manager or something I wasn’t there but it cost us per head was Rp. 100.000,- There was 5 of us so the total food we need to get is about Rp500.000,-… While my girlfriend is busy with make up with the make up artist (she doesn’t know how to make up hihi) I ordered Sirloin Steak? they all have a nice food to taste…

While we took a shot, there’s a bit where we go separate photo where there will be an editing which will be me and her sitting, just like a date but holding photo. There’s another where we took our belonging and just take a shot of our foot and our belonging which represents us. The other one is formal where I would put my formal cloth and the last one is looking at up where there would be a DI known as Digital Imaging and there would me our initial on top of our heads.

I took some documentary where when i wasn’t doing anything so i took a picture as well. Luv u Babe :wink:

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