My Prewedd photo session

On the 7th of August, I had my photo session with my girlfriend at Karawaci in Benton Junction, was it? I forgot We took place in a cafe (forgot the name again) with Ferdi crew’s Photography. When we got there, they made a deal with the cafe manager or something I wasn’t there but it cost us per head Rp. 100.000,- There were 5 of us so the total food we need to get is about Rp500.000,-… While my girlfriend is busy with make-up with the make-up artist (she doesn’t know how to make up) I ordered Sirloin Steak. they all have nice food to taste…

While we took a shot, there was a bit where we go separate photos where there will be editing which will be me and her sitting, just like a date but holding a photo. There’s another where we took our belongings and just took a shot of our foot and our belongings which represents us. The other one is formal where I would put my formal clothes and the last one is looking up where there would be a DI known as Digital Imaging and there would be our initials on top of our heads.

I took some documentaries when I wasn’t doing anything so I took a picture as well.

Update :

I just got myself our photo prewedded but nonedited. When we did our PreWedding photo session, that was using an iPhone camera and that was the documentation for it but now I got the master of all the photos from Ferdi (photographer) and Rudy (Concept Maker and photo editor). It was pretty hard to get these photos because of the days of Ramadhan (when most Indonesians go back to their villages).

This wedding is hopefully (Insyallah), My first and the last, having a family is one of the things in Muslim where everything is nearly Halal. All the moments here is beautiful, this is where I wouldn’t have thought that I would have a Pre-wedd, but hey back to the first and the last commitment in life.

I will do my best to be a good husband and faithful, leader of the family… and so is she! *Insyallah

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