How to trick the brain to do hard things

Is there a way to make doing difficult things, easy? Dopamine, it's what makes us desire things, and that desire gives us the motivation to get up and do stuff.  In fact, your brain develops priorities in large part based on how much dopamine it's expecting to get, if too little you will not get motivated. Any activity where you anticipate there's a potential reward, releases it but if there isn't your brain won't release it.

Our bodies have a biological system called homeostasis, which means that our bodies like to keep the internal physical and chemical conditions at a balanced level, when imbalance our bodies adapt to it.

Your body tries to maintain homeostasis, so it down-regulates your dopamine receptors. Essentially your brain gets used to having a high level of dopamine and those levels become the new normal, thus you develop a dopamine tolerance.

Is there anything that can be done to prevent this? Dopamine detox.

For 1 whole day you will try to have as little fun as possible, no internet, tech, phone, computer, listening to music, masturbating, eat any junk food. You can walk, meditate, reflect, and journal.

For every completed hour of low dopamine work, reward yourself with 15 minutes of high dopamine behavior at the end of the day.

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