The best meal to clean out your arteries

Plaque is a combination of calcium, protein, and cholesterol. Lesion or oxidation or inflammation or damage from excessive sugar in the diet could be your diabetic, it could come from omega-6 fatty acids, junk foods, alcohol, etc.

One of the controlling vitamins with calcium is vitamin k2, vitamin k2 drives the calcium into the bond without enough k2 calcium tends to develop in the soft tissues of the body, not just your arteries but also in the joints as well.

When people are deficient in vitamin c, they might get bleeding gums so which allows the microbes to go right through these little holes into their bloodstream.

Vitamin e in relation to keeping your cardiovascular system intact is very important, helps prevent those lesions on the inside of the wall of the artery called endothelial tissue when you're low in vitamin e which is a very powerful antioxidant you can get a lot of oxidation and inflammation so vitamin e is very important and also it's important in the heart muscle keeping oxygen high and preventing an actual heart attack.

To avoid that lesion in the artery is to keep your omega-6 fat very low and omega-3 very high.

Salmon - very high in omega-3, decrease inflammation in your artery, can lower blood pressure as well

Sauerkraut - fermented cabbage, loaded with lactic acid bacteria, lower blood pressure, inhibit biofilm, loaded with vitamin k2

Arugula salad - cruciferous and good for the liver, it's bitter, it has blood glucose, dim can help lower biofilm directly,  add extra virgin oil, add apple cider vinegar, add more sunflower seed

Hard cheeses are loaded with vitamin K2 and Parmesan.

Garlic is great for the heart, thins the blood, and helps lower blood pressure.

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