Growth mindset vs fixed mindset

There are 2 types of mindset, 1 that embraces problems as opportunities to learn (growth mindset) and one that avoids them often out of fear of failure (fixed mindset).

The fixed mindset believes that basic qualities like intelligence or talents are fixed traits, and are responsible for success, they often like to document past achievements.

The Growth mindset believes that new abilities can be developed through practice. This view creates a love for learning that most great leaders and artists have in common.

We should advise leaders, teachers, and parents to celebrate trying, the teacher should applaud students for any grade if they studied hard, and parents should encourage their children to develop any new skill they are interested in. Doing this will make them learn the skill of learning. afraid of other success will put pressure on self

Fixed: you've either got it or you haven't, afraid to look stupid and be laughed at, avoid feedback  to improve, take the easy road; stop when getting stuck
Growth: can learn anything if you want it enough, and embrace any challenge; failing is part of,  learning, listening to constructive criticism to improve, and practice is part of the journey to a fun life, like seeing others succeed; it inspires knows that if motivate other to get better so vice versa

Scientists confirm that the brain grows like any other muscle in the body with training.

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