How to get rich quick - Mufti Menk

Certain things have been beautify for men as a test. money is one of them, there's no point of having wealth that comes without blessing. No connection with almighty, no content, no good health, we need enough so that we can survive, reach out to other using the same wealth at the same time receive the blessing from the almighty.

How would we be able to earn wealth and at the same time have the blessing from the almighty.

  1. 5 daily prayers, starting point... instruct your family member to fulfill prayers. Come to prayers come to success. be patient upon the prayers persevere. when you reminded of prayers, don't be lazy don't be upset because that is true success. "we are not asking you to sustain us, we would actually sustain you, we will provide for you" as a result of you bearing patients upon prayers and instructing you family to pray. if you don't remind each other and live in the same house, don't expect further blessings for Allah. Sometimes it's not a blessing, people get wealth as a source for their ultimate downfall.
  2. Seek the forgiveness of Allah on daily basis, he will send beneficial rain from the sky, he will grant you a lot of wealth. For the sins you committed, sins that you don't know committed, and sins that you don't realize that you committed sometimes.
  3. To get barakah, Ensure that your character is amazing, don't hurt a soul, don't slant someone, accuse them, backbite, or hurt them in a way that it comes back to you.

The reason you suffering is that you made someone else suffer.

Don't worry of what someone else have, don't worry on how and where they earn, it's not going to change you life in any way, it's going to make your life miserable. Worry what Allah has given you and why has it given it to you.

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