Brain exercises to strengthen your mind

These gymnastics for the brain were developed by Yoshiro Tsutsumi, these sets of simple exercises described in this work focus on improving general well-being and supporting brain health. Will help to rejuvenate your body and make your brain more efficient.

3000 mechano receptors

Each fingertip has more than 3000 mechano receptors which act as a highway to your brain particularly its sensory cortex. When you do finger workout you improve synapse connection and fire neurons which is great for the function of your brain as with any proper workout.

1. try to catch the other hand and the other way around, don't forget to breathe
2. close and open your palms with breathing
3. each finger pointing and going down
4. walnuts
8. Try to use non-dominant hand for daily use 
9. write dairy to improve memory

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