CTS - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

At first the symptoms were that my base of the thumbs it stretches, and when I move the joints it hurts, few days later hurts around my wrist. So as an Indonesian, this kinda stuff can be handle with masseur, I know this masseur from my wife he's called Mr Ivan and so we went there the next day it went awry. When we went there, there's a new queuing system so the queue is quite long, went there at 11 and had massage at around 3 o'clock.

Also bought protection for my hand

We as a family had sessions and Aeesha youngest daughter had her's too ( her first time) and Anastasya as well my oldest daughter had her massage too also my wife and my mother in law. When I was handled, I told the story that first it stretches and it just went to my wrist, he told me that this might be Gout, I asked what could be the trigger he said peanuts, as I remind myself of what I ate is the previous day I ate an amount size peanuts also when checking youtube it seems right it attacks body joints, so I labeled myself as Gout patient.

After few days, and cutting some foods and adding different diet, it still happening and this has been going for a month so I can handle the pain. So we decided to go to general doctor first, as I researched I had to go to Rheumatology, I found only in few places available publicly as I search in google, these hospital sometimes don't update the doctors. So we went to general doctor in RS Pondok Indah, as I'm insured, I'm relieved, told the story to the doctor and his conclusion is that I have a CTS (carnal tunnel syndrome) and another is still gout, so we went to the lab and check my urid acid and the result is normal so the culprit is I had CTS.

Seem normal to me...

The doctor suggested going to dr. orthopology, when I thought I had to go to dr. Rhematology. So we went there, to our surprise after we told our story, he knew every detail and presses the right spot where it hurts, I don't even need an MRI. After that I had an uninsured injection (expensive) also I get another protection for my hand (uninsured), If this keep going getting injection I will be needing a surgery which I avoid the most. So my target is keep my hand in tact and also lose weight.

After 2 days of getting injection, my hands feels normal sometime it hurts a bit but now I can do my normal activity even though I decided to take 3 days off.

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