Using Skylive for Online Backup 25Gb

It’s been a long time since I haven’t opened up my Hotmail account, I was curious of opening again my hotmail because of my yahoo mail is starting to piss me off. It began to get a lot of messages from social media, usually I use filter on yahoo but now it always says it’s still repairing and it’s slow…

If yahoo doesn’t repair this soon I might not be using yahoo mail again… Then I’ve been subscribing to lifehacker where there’s this Turn Live SkyDrive into a 25GB Dropbox-Style Sync Space comes in handy so I decided to check it out and wow it’s real the 25GB space…
Now I have been using Skylive as my online backup storage, this is what i needed… I needed to clutter my files, even though my upload is slow but I don’t care as long as it’s big enough to store my data. You could get another storage such as = 1 GB (I’ve been using this all the time, it goes well with my iphone) or = 2Gb (using my space too don’t like it but it’s good for my work that need to be synchronized). But I’m still wandering how to make folder sync with an online storage such as dropbox but you can change wherever you like. Anyone know?

Update - Because there’s this verification using mobile that doesn’t support in indonesia they blocked my account… I get sick of this blocking thing it happened to me before when you don’t access your account for 3 month and now… NO MORE F. EMAIL FROM MSN OR LIVE OR HOTMAIL AND SO ON… GOOD BYE

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