Rafting at Pengalengan

Hey rafting isnt that bad… it’s actually fun. There was me, ayke, Mas sandy, Bubu, Angga and my sister Santi… The place is at pangalengan, it’s near bandung. It was an event from Kaskus OANC (OUTDOOR ADVENTURE & NATURE CLUBS), we gathered at kuningan pasar festival, it supposed to be at 9 o’clock but i think there was delay because of not enough car… Don’t really know… After that we rest at KM 19 and at MCD (don’t really where about), It took us about 3,5 hour from jakarta to pangalengan… When we get there OMG, F. cold… luckly brought my jacket (thank you mba regi hihihi).

Oh yeah… On the way here, we took some photo’s, hehe We slept, woke up at 10 and went straight to the place didn’t know where but not that far of a walk… This is the starting area… because of the first team only can go 35 people so we went second, but we did some body surfing at the bottom… but i didnt i just sat there and took some photo’s hehe Me??? just sat hehehe An hour later we’re off to the starting point, where the instructor teach us what there is to learn… The instruction was Left, Right, BOOM and stop *i like the boom bit  :D
Too bad it was raining we couldn’t get any pictures taken when we rafted, sad but thrilled… it was like in the jungle raining then rafting, it’s like in the movie Lost… Ooooh awesome view can’t say it with word. This was taken after the rafting, it was hard to take shower cause there was about 35 people trying to take shower… and you what the longest was ayke LOL… 1 hour Zzzz… so we took photo’s of surrounding of us :D
After done all the rafting and cleaning up we went to bandung it’s about an hour from there… we went straight to the place called heritage… Don’t really know the  place, it was me second time going to bandung hehe So we meet with other’s and we played pool and karoke at Nav (best place to karaoke at the moment) At the end, Photo session check these 3 photo i picked above i just love it More photo’s below, don’t forget to check it out :D

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