Testing Phonegap (android) for the first time

After successfully creating an android webview, I'm curious on trying out PhoneGap ... now I'm trying out PhoneGap and the result is nearly the same instead of I create detector for user agent, this is allready in mobile user agent so and the files are on the source code not on the web server. Well if you want quick develop just use android webview if got more time I rather use PhoneGap, well both is quite interesting depends on needs. These are the summary for the guide in phonegap for android:

  1. Minimum Requirements for Development
  • Identical to Android Minimum Requirements
  1. Install SDK + Cordova
  • Download and install Eclipse Classic
  • Download and install Android SDK
  • Download and install ADT Plugin
  • Download the latest copy of PhoneGap and extract its contents. We will be working with the Android directory.
  1. Setup your PATH environment variable on Windows
  • From the Desktop, right-click My Computer and click Properties.
  • Click Advanced System Settings link in the left column.
  • In the System Properties window click the Environment Variables button.
  • Select the PATH variable from the System variables section.
  • Select the Edit button.
  • You need to add the path to your Android SDK platform-tools and tools directory. In my example I will use "C:Developmentandroid-sdk-windows" as the directory the SDK is installed in. Append the following text into the text box:


  1. Setup New Project
  • Launch Eclipse, and select menu item New Project
  • Select the directory you used for <project_folder_path> * Click Finish.

5A. Deploy to Emulator

  • Right click the project and go to Run As > Android Application
  • Eclipse will ask you to select an appropriate AVD. If there isn't one, then you'll need to create it.

5B. Deploy to Device

  • Make sure USB debugging is enabled on your device and plug it into your system. Information can be found on the Android Developer Site
  • Right click the project and go to Run As > Android Application

Download - testingGap

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