Swimming at Panglima Polim

Panglima Polim

Here are the location of the swimming pool that me and my family went to... Googlemap. I didn't know that there was a swimming pool in this area, it's just perfect so close to home... But in there it's kind of crowded and closes at 14:30 sad can't go there in the afternoon when it's not hot. Tacca is trying her new swimming outfit, so cute :) and here's the video of me and Tacca Swimming... Now she can stand on the water, Awesome.

[youtube 9IrUGsP1Mhk]
After that we went to PIM so Tacca can eat first before going to the alternative medical in Bintaro called Chicken Alternative (berobat dengan ayam). At the PIM there was some playground for kids but not suitable for Tacca but the counter said that there's a playground for baby 0 - 2 years old, so I went there and it was perfect for Tacca, she couldn't stay still and want to try everything. The price was 40rb / 30 minutes (sucks) but worth it :) and had to buy socks for both of us. I recorded Tacca but unfortunately low on storage damn...
[youtube s22lR_AwHGY]

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