Takehome Assignments

Ewallet Rock Heart

This was taken on february 2024, finished the tasks but there's no follow up on their end. This is made by using nextjs and laravel.

• Registration with email, name and password.
• Login with email and password.
• Deposit to their own e-wallet.
• Transfer their balance to other users.
• List all transactions they made.

GitHub - madindo/ewallet_codechallenge: Ewallet Code Challenge, Frontend uses ReactJS, Backend uses Laravel
Ewallet Code Challenge, Frontend uses ReactJS, Backend uses Laravel - madindo/ewallet_codechallenge

Appointment Sehatq

This was 4 years ago, I was trying out something new, the requirement was ruby on rails developer that has experience with Laravel, they were trying to migrate the system to ruby. I have that experience and finished the take home assignment to make an appointment system which it was not hard not that easy either.

GitHub - madindo/interview_sehatq: My result for coding interview
My result for coding interview. Contribute to madindo/interview_sehatq development by creating an account on GitHub.

Talked with the users, I don't know what gave it away but didn't get the job.

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