Starting Moodle and create own theme

Download the file from the moodle site

Just follow the step and if there's missing in the requirement just set php.ini or other config that needs to be updated.

I thought it would be easy just copy and paste the theme folder but it's not that... read the documentation Creating_a_theme somehow I don't really like to read throughout. I did the copy and paste but ain't working then found this on moodle FAQ

  1. Copy folder theme/standard and call it theme/new
  2. In theme/new/lang/en folder,
  3. Renamed theme_standard.php to theme_new.php
  4. Opened theme/new/lang/en/new.php, recommend you change 2 lines to read something like: $string['pluginname'] = 'New theme - Martin D'; $string['chooseredme'] = 'New theme came from the Standard theme and is being changed by Martin D in 2011'; Saved the file
  5. In theme/new/config.php - Change $THEME->NAME = 'new';
  6. Went to Administration > Site Administration >Appearance > Theme settings > Theme designer mode (Checked)
  7. Settings > Site Administration >Appearance > Theme selector
  8. Clear theme caches
  9. Select theme
After trying the steps above somehow it still doesn't show in selecting theme, you know what it's because of the cache... I tried reset cache but not working again. So i thought of how to clear cache the hard way maybe delete somefiles or something but then do this Site administration - development - purge all caches

Then my new theme is showing yay

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