New years eve 2010

5 days before new years eve me and chica went to Pel. ratu using my Fulsar 180 without knowing where we going and i was trying my Fulsar going outside the jakarta… I even never went to bogor with it, my furthest ride was only to the city :( . Â First we went to bogor, and we got lost LOL… it took us quite a while to get there… then we took a break near cibadak then we’re off and get there around 7 pm, we went straight to the beach huhuhu nice place we stayed at…

Me and chica First photo testing :D

At first Octy and Tim went to sleep early but they joined us… We had Ameeeer (red wine)… Coz of Octy want some so we ask the people guarding the place to buy it for us :D

End of Day 1 with AM

After we slept… We went by Motorbike, there’s Tim’s friend called Darryl joining us… Same MotorBike… Fulsar 200 we had lunch on Tim’s friend beach restaurant, forgot what it’s called but it has bali’s interior… nice place and the food is nice AND But Expensive :(

After we went to the restaurant… Then we got some durian!!!!

Before going to jakarta we ate in hotel neighbour… They call it Papa Ron’s… Guess what, how long it took to get our food in our table, 2 fuckin hour… The service is so sad… After this we went to jakarta because i had work to do i even skip office 1 day we arrived to jakarta at night but before going to jakarta we went to tajur, nice stuff to buy in there hehee but didn’t bought any :( … We planning on spending new years eve @ Pel. Ratu… 3 on a same bike… Me chica and aping…

Hey I’m using green shirt…??? Rumour… Ocean queen… Just noticed i wore green yay

Here goes my new years eve @ Pel. Ratu… Wasted, Fun, Exciting, Adventure!!!

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