Hunting Laptop Minimum Spec

As I told you about my story about selling my laptop, I need to come up with a minimal spec for a laptop.

I'm currently using Intel Core i7-4720HQ (2.9) and my daughter is using AMD E2-7015 (1.5) first this is where I didn't understand, I thought with just SSD, RAM, onboard VGA would be enough to get minimal spec turns out it gets real ugly real bad, like loading zoom, google meet or even opening a website that as interactive in it, it's just slow.


First I don't know about processors well I know what they do, but like core 2 duo, intel celeron or even neon, which one of these are better.

Finaly understood which comes first, how much it has, after understanding that I needed to benchmark with one is better, I think I saw intel i3 is better than i7, how is this okay?

So I decided to use the link above to make me understand which processors are better, I don't know if this is valid but it's better than nothing. Also I understand about single core and multi core, my way to put it is, depend of use, get higher single core for gaming because gaming only uses single core but get higher multi core if you use a lot of applications like photoshop, adobe premier and so on.

So I made a higher standard for my minimum of spec, Processor (at least I3), SSD (min 256GB), RAM ( 4 / 8 GB RAM & has to have extended slot in case of need more horse power) and at least a not an onboard VGA (for the zoom and stuff).

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