My Game Adventure

It's hard to keep track of the games that I played and I want to make this a reminder of how fun is to play games. I now only show the game that I enjoy playing there are too many games that are buggy or not interesting.

Steamworld Heist

This is a fun game, It's about steam bots trying to help the universe from the evil alien. Turned-based game RPG It's so fun for chill playing game, I play this 1 mission/day eventually I finished it.

Resident Evil 5

As a kid, I used to play Resident Evil 1 and 2, this version is way different than the previous versions, it's more fun to play than being scared.


I remember when playing this, I borrow my friend's TV just to play this because it's better to play on a bigger monitor. It's challenging and fun.

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the shogun

The story is so interesting, different jobs to explore, and it's so challenging to hide the bodies and make sure we're winning without them noticing.


I enjoy these turn-based games, this is the next level, the story is awesome and of course the gameplay too.

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