My Game Adventure

It's hard to keep track of the games that I played and I want to make this a reminder of how fun is to play games. Here I show the game that I enjoy playing and finished, there are too many games that are buggy or not interesting and wouldn't be here.

Steamworld Heist

This is a fun game, It's about steam bots trying to help the universe from the evil alien. Turned-based game RPG It's so fun for chill playing game, I play this 1 mission/day eventually I finished it.

Resident Evil 5

As a kid, I used to play Resident Evil 1 and 2, this version is way different than the previous versions, it's more fun to play than being scared.


I remember when playing this, I borrow my friend's TV just to play this because it's better to play on a bigger monitor. It's challenging and fun.

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

The story is so interesting, different jobs to explore, and it's so challenging to hide the bodies and make sure we're winning without them noticing.


I enjoy these turn-based games, this is the next level, the story is awesome, and of course the gameplay too.

Diablo 3

A really fun game, single-play and multiplayer which gets a bit boring after level 70, played with the witch doctor, monk, and crusader.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

The last game played this on ps1, now it's a new better version of tomb raider, story, and gameplay are awesome, and available for Mac, just went straight and bought Shadow of Tomb Raider for my next adventure.

Shadow of the tomb raider

As expected, enough to satisfy my gaming appetite, just realized the name of the title is the same as the ending, the story of Aztec is interesting.

Founders Fortune

This is unexpectedly fun to play, it's like sims but like real-time strategy where you need to make your own cloth, tame animals, make your own farm, and so on. The screenshot below is where I ended the game, just wanted to play to make a living not war. I need to move on...


This game is so good for 2d, you can cook, and get wood, ore, and cotton that all can be used for the quest. It's my top game for 2 so far.

Merchant of the skies

Another trading game reminds me of the game ages ago as a drug dealer you need to go to different places to sell some drugs.

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