I've got the chance to interview one of our candidate to help us building our startup, to review my performance, it was a bit unprepared even though I prepared on what to interview about.

What I learned was interviewing for General Interview
- Just be normal, like talking to someone you just knew.
- Talk about myself then ask about them.
- Ask about CV and Everyone have portfolio if they're serious then they should have one
- Someone have their own project, In my opinion those who doesn't have their own project somehow doesn't show their passion and I'm not saying those who don't doesn't have one.
- When hiring you need to hire the one that unburden your shoulder and the one that can handle complicated stuff that no one can handle, so let's say we don't have any graphic designer then get a designer not a quality assurance that knows how to design, yeah he's good at designing but his main job is QA even though it's acceptable by some because he can design but for me I need someone who can keep up with our growth.

What I would do when interviewing Frontend & Backend Developer
- What would their tech stack be? Do they know how to PR ?
- I somehow can tell how good they are by showing their code, does it follow conventional rules.

What I would do when interviewing Backend Developer
- I'll ask if they ever done unit test, continous integration / delivery, this are optional but will help.