Learning C sharp

A friend of mine have an assignment, She studies at University of Binus… She ask me to help her in her assignment, it was based on C sharp. I don’t have any experience on C sharp but i know the language of C and C++, so i decided to help her. I learn from basic again but everything make sense, it’s like I just need to get used to the language like cout changes to writeln.

The assignment contain 6 assignment, each of them was nearly the same and all you have to do is to copy it then change it according to the task assign. It took me quite awhile then she gave me some of her source code that she got it from her friend. It saves me because i didn’t know how to assign a class, (still not used to it yet).

This is her Assignment (indonesian)
This is her Assignment source code, finished it from 1 - 6

If you need it, comment then I’ll give the password by email, I’m not supposed to share this YET

I just got a phone from her that the assignment is not finished yet and there’s another 4 more assignment but now the assignment is using GUI. I need to learn more on how to use GUI on visual express C#.

I have trouble on using regex, still no luck on using it omg… I wish a have an example of source code somewhere…

I’ll update more if I have finished the program for you to learn.

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