How to add another domain to your hosting using add-on domain

I had a trouble adding my other website to my other hosting, because that server is so slow I can’t take how slow the server is it’s called semang*.net, so I decided to change server so I back up all my files and send it to my other hosting… How? It was frustrating because I didn’t know what it was called, you know the changing domain stuff but after some research and some question, got the answer.

I know how to change nameserver and stuff, that is just login to your domain and change the server according to the hosting IP or domain, so I decided to change it, when I check whois it’s straight change the ip address. This is the confusing part, I have no idea what’s the keyword or what you called that changing domain thingy.

There was heaps of answer and all of em makes sense… “Dude you gotta wait 1x24 hour”, “You have to change the setting in http.conf” and for my answer was edit “using DNS simple editor” but it didnt worked out… Can’t wait for 1x24 hour, so someone told me just to add addon domain in CPanel, and that’s it LOL

It took me 3 hours, argh… So just for reminder…

  1. Set your domain and set the nameserver according the hosting IP or domain
  2. Check in whois if the nameserver is allready changed
  3. if it changed just login to your Cpanel - Add on domain
  4. just follow the step, voila!!

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