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Not Quite My Type - Kai sassnowski

public function wait(Duration $duration): void
	if ($seconds < 0) {
		throw new InvalidArgumentException();

final class Duration {
	public function __construct(
			public readonly int $seconds
	) {
		throw new InvalidArgumentException();
	public static function seconds(int $seconds): self {
		return new self($seconds);		

class ShoppingCart
	private ?Discount $discount = null;
	public function __construct(
		private array $products
	) {
		public function total(): int {}
		public function applyDiscount(Discount $discount): void
			$this->discount = $discount;

final class Discount {
	public function __construct(
		public readonly float $percentage
	) {
		if ($percentage <= 0 || $percentage > 1.0) {
			throw new InvalidArgumentException();

	public static function percentOff(int $value): self {
		return new self($value/100);


My notes : a bit of overengineering, nice to know these concepts of types.

Check out:,

Need to look up:

Phpstan, Psaml

model casts concept

Kubernetes and Laravel - Bosun Egberinde

is an open source system for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications.


How k8s do what it does

the k8s cluster → cluster, nodes, control planes.

node → kubelet, kubeProxy, Container Runtime

Control plane → scheduler, api server, etcd, cc, controller manager,etc


Creating your own k8s cluster

  • Kind - containerized
  • MiniKube - VM based

Cloud provided k8s cluster

  • GKE on google cloud
  • EKS on AWS

Kubernetes Objects

Pods, Deployments, services, ingresses, replicasets, configmaps

Manipulating K8s objects

Kubectl, Kubernetes  Dashboard, Kubernetes API

kubectl get pods
kubectl apply -f dep.yaml
kubectl get deployments
kubectl exec -it {pods} -- ash

Sustainable self care - Marje Holmstrom-sabo

Definitions - shared meaning - sustainable, self-care, mind, body, spirit, community.

Sustainable - using things wisely so you don’t use them up when you’re done.

Self care - care for oneself

Mind - the element or complex of elements in an individual that feels, perceives, thinks, wills, and especially reasons.

body - organized physical substance of an animal or plant either living or dead.

spirit - an animating or vital principal held to give life to physical organisms.

community - A unified body of individual such as -

people with common interest living in a particular area.

group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society.

A body of persons of common or professional interests scattered throughout a larger society.

A body of persons or nations having common history or common social, economic and political interests.


  • We are worthy of loving care
  • we deserve to be whole
  • we are capable of nurturing and supporting ourselves
  • we can accept care from and offer care to others freely

Mind, body, spirit and community are the foundational elements of self-care.

To care for yourself sustainably, you must first know yourself.

Mind - what things help your brain feel happy and healthy? Sleep, Nutrition, exercise, meaningful work, medication

Body - what does your body need to function well? Sleep, Nutrition, exercise, regular cleaning, assistive devices, medication.

Spirit - what does your spirit need to feel peacefully energized? Hobbies, playtime, engaging work, quiet time, choose your own adventure.

Community - where, how and when do you belong to and care for others? Family relationships, 2AM emergency friends, locality, affiliations of education, religion, profession, familiar strangers.




$diff = $record->published_at->diffAsCarbonInterval();

$diff->totalDays // show total days

$intervalA = CarbonInterval::minutes(30)
$intervalB = CarbonInterval::minutes(10)
$intervalC = CarbonInterval::minutes(20)

$intervals = [$intervalA, $intervalB, $intervalC];
usort($intervals, [CarbonInterval::class, 'compareDateIntervals]);


foreach ([2020,2021,2022] as $year) {
$weeksInYear = Carbon::create($year)->isoWeeksInYear
	foreach(range(1,$weeksInYear) as $week) {
		$startOfWeek = Carbon::now()->setISODate($year, $week)->startOfWeek();
		$weeks[$startOfWeek->format('Y-W')] = $startOfWeek->format('Y-m-d (W)');


$carbonPeriod = CarbonPeriod::since('2020-01-01')
foreach ($carbonPeriod as $week) {
	$week[$week->startOfweek()->format('Y-W')] = $week->format('Y-m-d (W)');

Ui Testing

npx cypress open

Abstracting / Complicating too early

Yagni : the basic

  • YAGNI means “you aren’t gonna need it”
  • we suck at predicting the future
  • counter to: control against bad outcomes with abstractions and planning.

Aaron Francis


Small - as small as you can get away with as big as you need,

Simple - prefer integers to string, prefer dates to string blob < varchar < char,

Honest - avoid null, but don’t lie match reality


B-tree indexes

  • a separate data structure
  • a copy of part of your data
  • have a pointer to the row

Data → Schema

Queries → Indexes

Designing Indexes

  • as many as you need
  • as few as you can get away with

Rules for composite indexes

  • Left to right no skipping
  • Stops at a range

Covering indexes - regular index in a special situations.


Don’t obfuscate your indexes

select only what you need

subquery =! bad

Git interactive

git rebase -i {commit}~

Meaningful Mentorship

What does it mean to be a mentor?

Mentorship is the opportunity to share expertise and help others break into the industry, learn a new skill, or otherwise advance their career.

Why become a mentor?

  • To give back to the community
  • To help your coworkers or new employees onboard new technologies or projects.
  • “Because someone did it for me”

5 quick tips to become an effective mentor

  1. Build the relationship.
  2. The most important part of being a meaningful mentor.
  3. Mentorship requires trust in both directions.
  4. Start by scheduling a consistent time to meet on a recurring basis that works for both of you.
  5. Practice empathy
  6. Take a walk in your mentee’s shoes.
  7. Remember that you were a beginner once, too.
  8. Affirm frustrations and difficulties, and celebrate victories and successes.
  9. Level up with pair programming.
  10. Great way to build an understanding of technical topics or complex sections of code.
  11. Build mentee confidence
  12. “Gradual release of responsibility”

What is the gradual release of responsibility?

Education model

I do → we do → you do

Pair programming model

I talk I type → I talk, You type → You talk, I type → You talk you type

  1. Encourage them to set concrete goals
  2. Concrete goals have a defined end with tangible output.
  3. Advise your mentee to choose reasonable goals.
  4. Celebrate reaching the goals, no matter the size.
  5. Let your mentee lead
  6. Your mentee should drive the mentorship process
  7. Expect and embrace the fluidity
  8. Prefer advice and experience instead of answer and solution.

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