Interleaving in learning

So in learning, I just learned there are 2 types of skills where it involves practicing. "Blocking" involves practicing one skill at a time before the next and there's "Interleaving" where you practice several skills together.

New research shows that interleaving produces long-lasting benefits for skill, so my thought about this is to effectively learn something you need some familiarity with the subject so maybe do blocking first and practice one skill at a time until a certain point then mix them. Maybe after acquiring skills 1,2,3 then practicing 123 will produce effect long-term lasting skills and actually increase over time. Make sure you do it right, interleaving can sometimes be more confusing than helpful to go back to the basics.

The explanation for this is that it improves the brain's ability to tell apart, between concepts and strengthens memory. so each practice is different from the last. Your brain must continuously focus on searching for different solutions, repeating processes can enhance learning, and this process can improve your ability to learn skills and concepts.

An example for me is when you learn for example android there are a lot of concepts you need to grasp. For example, I was curious about "how to get data from API" I'll start trying to learn how to start getting the data, how to process the data, and how to create the data. Each of these is blocking so I'll learn them one by one first then redo them again mixing them together.

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