HNP - Hernia Nukleus Pulposus

This term is new to me, so sometimes it hurts when I do certain movements, usually the next day it heals by itself then one day I feel that the next day it doesn't heal, it actually hurts... So I decided to go to Pondok Indah Hospital to get checked on. Why Pondok Indah, it's because when I had my hand fixed, I when there from then it never hurts again, of course, I had to be careful not to do the drastic movement with my hands.

Once again, there's always a first time for everything, and that is MRI, had to go inside a machine, and when looking at it at first seems easy enough but before going that's where it starts to get scary, for me I think it's the size of the MRI it's a bit small, maybe it's because of my size, I think if it's a bit smaller just a little bit more I would get out. Just for my info, the MRI costs Rp. 4.5m.

After receiving the MRI result, the doctor said I have HNP L4 L5, she said that the cushion inside the spine is gradually getting worse, some people have different times for this to happen, and for me, it's now. There's a treatment for this and that is, physiotherapy and the point I took was the need to swim, so I picked swim. Now I routinely 2 times a week for a swim and my last option is surgery. Again for my info, the surgery costs Rp. 150m.

[Update 6 July 2023]

I finally found a stretching that really help for my back,

source: Healthline
source: shape

These 2 stretches have been proven by me, I tried all other stretches most of them are not helping. Good luck

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