Harnessing Discipline

I’ve also learned something truly amazing on my self-discovery journey: discipline is pretty much a superpower that we all possess. It’s not just about making yourself do difficult things, but about loving yourself enough to do the difficult things that matter.

Discipline is something you do every day for a long time, like please brushing your teeth or tying your shoelaces. It’s just a bunch of small choices that, added together over a long time, make a big difference.

That means pre-pillow preparation and putting myself in a position to win. I set out my workout clothing for the next day and package healthy snacks for a week.

That being said, discipline is not synonymous with flawlessness. Rather, it is the root of progression, not perfection. Therefore, I try to find small things to focus on the achievements and then remember them when I feel unable.

For instance, even the simplest act of appreciating oneself or eating something you desire is indeed an excellent reward.

Additionally, eliminate processed foods from your home if you don’t want to consume them or alcohol. Therefore, when one feels wherever they are drowning or struggling with no buoy, discipline would be there to assist you.

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