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Haidokter is a web health and lifestyle for young gets tips and idea from the best, serving with audio and visual. Talking about audio, they have setup an online radio, every hour or some time there will be an announce tips, not bad for an radio, I think because of the good playlist. They have a good social media content, I love how they add flavor to the image in instagram where they divide to 3 image per row somehow it makes like its in one image in a row.

Well it's a one page website that has an effect like powerpoint, which this is a bit of pain in ass on responsive so I had to make 2 layout for desktop and mobile. I'm sometimes amazed how they can make this content so interesting, maybe it's because I don't know how to do it but still nice work.

Below is an example of their content... just creative

Hai HealthyPeople, udah tau cara ‪#‎Cekpayudara‬ ? Tonton disini dan share supaya yang lain juga bisa terdeteksi payudara nya ! Instagram: instagram.com/haidokter Streaming radio: www.haidokter.com


Position : Freelancer Live : haidokter.com



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