Getaway to Klub Bali Anyer

As for most people, we need to take a break from work and thats what i'm doing right now. we are currently at Klub bali Hawai in anyer, well my first impression was that this hotel is not taken care of but the facility and the service is good as other good hotel around. This place is great for outing with company group, on my stay here there 2 company that stays here first day was pt internux somehow i've heard of that company when i googled it was the company that made Bolt internet and the second day was from company i've never heard before.

Well I used our car and googled maps to make my way to anyer where i never been in this place, there was three route but the fastest suggestion by google is going through the industrial place in cilegon which is the wrong way, I should have ask someone where which exit from tolls should i take, well next time exit at toll cilegon timur.

After checkin to the hotel we got a nice view from here, straight view to the sea from our, we though there would be beach where my daughter could play her new toy for playing sands but there wasnt any, so we waited for tomorrow to find one and that is the pantai jambu near the marina. when we got there there was someone asking for 50 thousand rupiah for sitting only in the side of the beach, where i thought it was a scam but my wife said there is something like this in here where we sit we pay. There was few surfers in there local and tourist, the wave was allright, dont ever leave your kid alone in here because the wave is pretty hard even for me.

check out the foto i've shared below...


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