This is my first time taking care of a fish and this is what i learned...

For new fished

  • If you have a new fish and a new aquarium, don't straight away put it in the water... you need to let the water stay's for 2-3 days for the bacteria to come because the bacteria is essential for the health of the fish.
  • If you can't wait to have your new fish... Try to use the water galon refill if available in your country or use Decholynator .
General Knowledge
  • Fish only need lights 12 hours a day, so if you sleep... you should turn off the light.
Updated - 16 may 2012
How do i maintain a healthy aquarium
Water Maintenance
  • Test the water
  • Change the water
  • freshwater - 40% every month
  • reef tank - 15% every week
  • saltwater - 25% every two week
To add new water
  • De-chlorinate before adding
  • match the temperature of the water in your aquarium
How do i take care of the filter in my aquarium
Replace carbon every 4 weeks
What supplies do i need to clean my aquarium
- algae pad
- gravel vaccum
How do I know when to clean my aquarium?
You'll see more algae growth, water a little yellow or cloudy
How do I clean my aquarium?
Tips - replace the parts in your filter gradually to preserve the beneficial bacteria that grow there
take 40% off the water
clean the glass for algae if the decoration got algae clean it with hot water
dechlorinate the water
then refill the water