After reading a few books, learned some few stuff on reading books.

You don't have to read until it's finished

Reading books is for knowledge don't make it your work, if you don't like it drop it. If you just start reading book "Read what you love until you love to read", I sometime don't like translated books because it sometimes doesn't make sense, now I never buy translated book.

Life is too short. The finish of the book is optional. You need to start many books and complete only a few.

Quality is more important than quantity.

Even if you read one book a month, if you appreciate it and absorb it completely, it's better than someone who spends half of the library carelessly.

If you don't like it, before tossing the book check the table of content

When you are at point of giving up the book because it's boring or for any reason, try the table of content, sometimes reading back and forth for a book that doesn't give you a meaning, might give you a bit of hidden knowledge.

Speed ​​reading is BS.

These are two different things to understand the core and absorb the lesson. Make them mistake at your own risk.

Verbal Repetition

At some point there's a paragraph that's hard to understand, here you might want to repeat it verbally maybe 2 / 3 times to get the point.

Use your finger to focus

The difference using your finger and not using you finger is your eyes when reading it's more align a structured motion

You don't have to have flashy programs or tools.

Notebooks, index cards and pens work well.

Write it down

For me, everything I read that I found useful, I usually write it down, as you can see in there's all the book I wrote and sometimes there are books that are not good for writing but engaging and when that happens I don't write it but think about it.

Read at your own pace

When I was on my teenager, there was someone that could read one book a day well it amazed me and when I think about it why do you need to read so fast, well if you're capable then go ahead but for me, I need to process things. I might relate for that who can read for hours because I can be in front of computer for hours as well.

The book summary service misses the point.

Many businesses charge ridiculous prices to access vague summaries that look like books. Abstracts are a good starting point for exploring curiosity, but you can't learn from them as you can from the original text.