I became curious on how to add AMP to my sites well never to late learning something new, because mostly of my development are using laravel so i tried in it. at first i was confused of the concept AMP is it like responsive pages do i have to make a new subdomain (overkill) or make a new prefix url?

The answer is make a new prefix url at least my answer is maybe there's another way, but here's how it goes.

First make this mapAmpRoutes at your RouteServiceProvider.php then add that protected class to your map class as stated below

then just simply create amp.php at routes, copy all the web to amp

After reading this articles https://medium.com/@danbuben/why-amp-is-bad-for-your-site-and-for-the-web-e4d060a4ff31 which it states amp is bad for your site... well maybe he have a point... i think for me, unless you're not getting revenue from adsense and want to make a branding of yourself try it...

If you have a well-designed responsive website with optimized images and video, you really don’t need to worry about AMP.