Where to start using AWS Amazon

I have been wondering where I should start on AWS, then I digged a bit and I finally found it... I want a small server where I could do anything with it and starting an instance. When I go to http://aws.amazon.com/ It says AWS Products and solution and you can get it free but somehow I'm not sure which one should I pick. I heard about the micro t1 whatever but I can't see no T1 Micro thing. Simply said, I needed for a web... it says that there Web, Mobile and social Apps or startups, somehow those 3 thing I'm interested in.

Then I start on using Amazon EC2 (virtual servers in the cloud) so this is where it start. Finally... I think Amazon need to somehow show where we should start.

I'm amazed at the verification of the credit card where they call you and need to say / type the word on the screen.

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