Webinar Youtube Academy By MERRY RIANA

I was interested in this post, so I went ahead and register then paid the damn thing... for me I know the concept of landing page, I understand maybe for what you are doing is maybe for the value of what you giving, I understand that you don't want to look cheap... but come on... I wanted to get for what you described in your post and that is

Benefit :
✅ Dibawakan oleh Miss Merry Riana & Merry Riana Associate Trainer.
✅ Belajar 7 kunci penting untuk sukses menjadi YouTuber : Clarity, Courage, Channel, Content, Consistency, Community, Cash
✅ Homekit super lengkap yang akan dikirim langsung ke rumah utk memfasilitasi pembelajaran anak Anda.


My daughter was waiting for the homekit never arrived, waited for the webinar and whole hour of listening to the whole BS you giving us where I'm also guessing that is pre-recorded, I was dissapointed...

Instead of giving false hope, It's a F. Introduction why do you have I have to pay for your Introduction, who does that?? FFS... It shows Rp.300.000 for real price but discount for Rp.99.000 I know this is for marketing sake but far out this went too far, I know that this is your marketings doing but damn I lose respect for you... It's not about the money, It's about the time you wasted on me and my kid and that concept of paying for introduction is BS!

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