The silva mind control

The silva mind control

We hear more and more about alpha nowadays. It is one of the brain-wave patterns, a kind of electrical energy produced by the brain, and can be measured by an electroencephalograph (EEG). The rhythms of this energy are measured in cycles per second (CPS). Generally, about fourteen CPS and up are called Beta waves; about seven to fourteen are Alpha; four to seven Theta; and for and below are Delta. When you are wide awake, doing and achieving in the workaday world, you are in Beta, or “outer consciousness” to use mind control terminology. When you are daydreaming, or just going to sleep but not quite there yet, or just awakening but not yet awake, you are in Alpha. Mind Control people call this “inner consciousness” When you are asleep you are in Alpha, Theta, or Delta, not just Alpha alone, as many believe. With mind control training you can enter the Alpha level at will and still remain fully alert.

What is silva mind control?

The mental exercises not only teach persons how to relax the mind and body, as do other approaches such as biofeedback and Transcendental Meditation, but they go one step beyond. They teach people how to function mentally when they are at a relaxed level.

Silva Mind Control is a forty-hour course consisting of thirty hours of lectures and ten hours of mental exercises.

Once a person experiences the results obtained from this level of consciousness, he never attempts to make important decisions or solve problems without using them.

Mind Control is not hypnosis; it more nearly approaches self-hypnosis. Persons learn to get fuller attention from the mind, perhaps because it is no longer bombarded by as many external stimuli when it is relaxed. With this fuller attention, they are better able to direct the mind to do what they want it to.

The mind has great capabilities, but at its normal level of functioning, it is constantly bombarded by various stimuli at once: thoughts, wishes, needs, desires, noises, lights, pressures, conflicts, and stresses of all sorts; it is not free to direct more than ten percent of its attention to any one thing. At the relaxed level, it is. But persons ordinarily are at that level only when they are falling asleep, and they have not practiced using that level. Most often they do not even know that it exists and can be used.

How to meditate

Your body will benefit, too. At first, you will find that worries and guilt feelings are absent while you are meditating. One of the beauties of meditation at the alpha level is that you cannot bring your feelings of guilt and anger with you. If these feelings intrude you will simply pop out of the meditative level as time goes on, they will stay away longer, until one day they are gone for good.

Here is all you have to do to reach the meditative, level of mind :

When you awaken in the morning, go to the bathroom if necessary, then return to bed. Set your alarm for fifteen minutes later in case you drift off to sleep during the exercise. Close your eyes and look upward, behind your eyelids, at a 20-degree angle. For reasons not fully understood, this position of the eyes alone will trigger the brain to produce alpha.

Now slowly, at about two-second intervals, count backward from one hundred to one. As you do this, keep your mind on it, and you will be in alpha the very first time.

Even though you will be in alpha on the very first try if you concentrate, you still need seven weeks of practice to go to lower levels of alpha, then to theta. Use the hundred-to-one method for ten mornings. Then count only from fifty to one, twenty-five to one, then ten to one, and finally five to one, ten mornings each.

The method we use in mind control is to say mentally, “I will slowly come out as 1 count from one to five, feeling wide awake and better than before. One two - prepare to open your eyes - three open eyes four five eyes open, wide awake, feeling better than before.

Extra :

Sit in a comfortable chair or on a bed with your feet flat on the floor. Let your hands he loosely in your lap. If you prefer, sit cross-legged, in the lotus position. Hold your head well-balanced, not slumped. Now concentrate on first one part of the body, then another, to consciously relax it. Start with your left foot, then the left leg, then the right foot, and so on, until you reach the throat, the face, the eyes, and finally the scalp.

Now pick a spot about 45 degrees above eye level on the ceiling or the wall opposite you. Gaze at this spot until your eyelids begin to feel a little heavy and let them close. Start your countdown from fifty to one. do this for ten days, then five to one form then on. Since you will no longer be limited to the mornings for this practice, establish a routine of meditating two or three times a day for about fifteen minutes a session.

The first step is to create a tool for visualization, a mental screen. It should be like a large movie screen but should not quite fill your mental vision. Imagine it not behind your eyelids but about six feet in front of you. You will project onto this screen whatever you choose to concentrate on. Later there will be other uses for it. Once you have built this screen in your mind, project onto it something familiar and simple, like an orange or an apple. Each time you go to your level, stay with just one image; you may change it the next time. Concentrate on make it more and more real in three dimensions in full color, in all its details. Think of nothing else.

In the meantime, be patient with this simple exercise. Using your mind, train your brain to go quietly into alpha and to attend exclusively to the job of creating a simple image more and more vividly. In the beginning, as thoughts intrude, be gently forgiving. Slowly push them away and return to the single object at hand. Becoming irritated or tense will bring you right out of alpha.

Dynamic meditation

Instead of concentrating on a visual image, you can concentrate on a sound, such as OM or A U M or O N E or A M E N, uttered aloud or mentally or the feeling of your breathing. You can focus on an energy point of the body or on the beat of drums and dance, or you can listen to sonorous gregorian chant while you gaze at the familiar enactment of a religious ritual all of these methods and some combination of them will bring you to a calm meditative level of mind.

Once you have reached the meditative level, simply staying there and waiting for something to happen is not enough. It is beautiful and calming and it does contribute to your good health, but these are modest accomplishments compared with what is possible. Go beyond this passive meditation, train your mind for organized, dynamic activities - which I believe it was designed for - and the results will amaze you.

Connecting a real event with a desirable one

With very simple laws, the imaginary event will become real.

Law 1: You must desire that the event take place. ‘The first person I see on the sidewalk tomorrow will be blowing his nose” is useless a project to work on that your mind will turn away from it; it will probably not work. Your boss will be more agreeable, a certain customer will be more receptive to what you are selling, and you will find satisfaction in a task you ordinarily find disagreeable - these are prospects that can engage a reasonable measure of desire.

Law 2: You must believe the event can take place. If your customer is overstocked with what you sell, you cannot reasonably believe he will be eager to buy. If you cannot believe the event can reasonably take place, your mind will be working against it.

Law 3: You must expect the event to take place. This is a subtle law. The first two are simple and passive - this third one introduces some dynamics. It is possible to desire an event believe it can take place, and still not expect it to take place. You want your boss to be pleasant tomorrow, you know that he can be but you may still be some distance from expecting it. This is where mind control and effective visualization come in, as we will see in a moment.

Law 4: You cannot create a problem. Not may not but cannot. This is a basic, all-controlling law. “Wouldn’t it be great if I could get my boss to make such an ass of himself that hell be fired and 111 get his job?” When you are working dynamically in alpha you are in touch with higher intelligence, and from the perspective of hider intelligence, it would not be great at all. You may trip up your boss and get him fired, but you will be entirely on your own and in beta. In alpha, it simply will not work.

Choose an event that is a solution to a problem, that you desire, or believe can come about and, with the following exercise, will learn to expect.

Choose a real problem that you face, one that has not yet resolved itself. As an illustration, let us say that your boss has been ill-tempered lately. There are three steps to go through once you reach your level:

Step 1: On your mental screen, thoroughly re-create a recent which involved the problem. Relive it for a moment.

Step 2: Gently push this scene off the screen to the right. Slide onto the screen another scene that will take place tomorrow. In this scene everyone around the boss is cheerful and the boss is on the receiving end of good news. He is clearly in a better mood now. You know specifically what was causing the problem. visualize the solution at work. Visualize it as vividly as you did the problem.

Step 3: Now push this scene off the screen to the right and replace it with another from the left the boss is happy now, fully as pleasant as you know he can be. Experience this scene as vividly as if it had actually happened. Stay with it for a while, and get the full feel of it.

Now, at the count of five, you will be wide awake feeling better than before. You can be confident that you have just put forces to work for you in the direction of creating the event you want.

Improving memory

It is basically unsound to use mind control techniques for anything but important matters because of that desire, belief, and expectancy trilogy.

Anything you believe you have forgotten is associated with an event. If it is a name, the event is due time you heard or read it. All that you have to do once you learn to work with your mental screen, is visualize a past event that surrounds an incident you believe you have forgotten, and it will be there.

I say an incident you believe you have forgotten because, in reality, you have not forgotten it at all. You simply do not recall it there is a significant difference.

This method involves a simple triggering mechanism which, once it becomes really yours. improves in effectiveness as you use it making it yours will require several meditation sessions to thoroughly internalize the procedure

Just bring together the thumb and first two fingers of either hand and your mind will instantly adjust to a deeper level. Try it now and nothing will happen; it is not yet a triggering mechanism. To make it one, go to your level and say to yourself “Whenever I join my fingers together like this” now join them “ for a serious purpose I will instantly reach this level of mind to accomplish whatever I desire”

Do this daily for about a week, always using the same words. Soon there will be a firm association in your mind between joining the thumb and two fingers and instantly reaching an effective meditation level. Then, one day soon, you will try to recall something, someone’s name, for example, and the name will not come. Try harder and it will even more stubbornly refuse to come. The will is not only useless; it is a hindrance. Now relax. Realize that you remember and that you have a way of triggering recall.

Speed learning

The three Fingers technique, once it is so thoroughly mastered that you can instantly reach your level and operate consciously there, can be used while you listen to a lecture or read a book. This will vastly improve concentration, and information will be implanted more firmly. Later you will be able to recall it more easily at the beta level and more easily still at the alpha level. A student writing an exam with his three fingers together can almost see the textbook he read, and almost hear the instructor as he discussed the lesson in class.

Let us say that you have a complex chapter of a textbook to learn; you must not only remember but understand it. During the first step. do not go into alpha but remain at outer consciousness, beta. Read the chapter aloud into the recorder. Now go to your level, play it back, and concentrate on your own voice as it recites the material.

Creative sleep

There are three steps to the Dream control we teach, all involving a meditational level of mind. The first is to learn to recall our dream. Many say, “I don’t dream at all,” but that is never true. Take away our dreams and in a few days mental and emotional troubles set in.

When a series of events that is hard to explain leads to a constructive result, we call it coincidence. When they lead to a destruction result, we call it an accident in mind control we learn how to trigger coincidences. “Just a coincidence” is a phrase we do not use.

While meditating just before going to sleep, say, “I want to remember a dream. I will remember a dream.” Now go to sleep with paper and pencil by your bedside. When you awaken, whether during the night or in the morning, write down what you remember of a dream. Keep practicing this night after night and recall will be clearer, and more complete.

When you are satisfied with your improved skill, you are ready for step two: During meditation before going to sleep, review a problem that can be solved with information or advice. Be sure that you really care about solving it; silly questions evoke silly answers. Now program yourself with these words: “ I want to have a dream that will contain information to solve the problem I have in mind. I will have such a dream, remember it, and understand it”

Only you can interpret the dreams you decide to have. With proper self-programming beforehand to understand your dreams, you will have a “hunch” about their meaning. The hunch is often the way our voiceless subconscious communicates with us. With practice, you will develop more and more confidence in these programmed hunches.

Your words have power

Every time that we say something gives us pain, pain does not immediately result in the body’s natural state is good health, and all its processes are geared toward health. In time, though, with enough verbal pounding away at its defenses, it delivers up the very illnesses we order.

Two things add power to the words we use: our level of mind, and our degree of emotional involvement with what we say.

“Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better”

There are 2 basic principles:

  1. We can think of only one thing at a time, and
  2. when we concentrate on a thought the thought becomes true because our bodies transform it into action

Therefore, if you want to trigger your body’s healing processes, which may be blocked by negative thoughts ( conscious or unconscious), just repeat them twenty times in succession. “Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better” Do this twice a day and you are using the coue method.

At alpha and theta levels we say. “Every day, in every day, I am getting better and better,” we say only once during meditation. We also say and this too is dr. coup influence “Negative thoughts, negative suggestions, have no influence over me at any level of mind”

The power of imagination

When the will and the imagination are in conflict, it is always the imagination that wins - Emile coue

If you are sure that you really want to lose weight and you know why, you next step is to analyze all the benefits you will derive - not general benefits like “i’ll look better” but concrete ones involving, if possible, all the five sense. Example :

Sight : Find a photograph of yourself when you were as thin as you would like to be now.

Touch: Imagine, when you are thin again, how smooth your arms and thighs and stomach will feel to your touch.

Taste: Imagine, the flavors of the foods you will emphasize in 3 our new diet.

Smell: Image the odor of the foods you will be eating.

Hearing: Imagine what those who are important to you will say about your success at losing weight.

Using you mind to improve your health

To return to self-healing: there is no end to step one. Practice it in beta, alpha and theta. Live it. If you feel it slipping during the day, put your three fingers together for instant reinforcement.

How to help others with mind control

Simply learn to use the mental screen vividly, with confidence. Let me outline the procedure for you, step by step.

  1. It is helpful, though not necessary, to know the condition of the person you are about to heal. You can learn this psychically or objectively; it does not matter
  2. Go to your meditative level and project this person onto your mental screen as he is, with whatever ailment is troubling him. Place another image on the screen to the left, showing something being done to correct the problem. (If you have not met the person and are not yet ready for case work, try to learn beforehand what he looks like to make your visualization as accurate as possible.)
  3. Now project onto the screen—still farther left—a vivid image of the person in perfect health, filled with energy and optimism. In deep meditation you are acutely receptive to what you say to yourself. This particular moment is crucial to developing a conviction that the happy image you now have of the person is the real one —not that it is becoming real or that it will be real, but that it is real. The reason for this is that at this meditative level, at Alpha and Theta, your mind is in league with causes; at Beta it deals more with results.. By visualizing with conviction in Alpha and Theta you are causing. Never mind what you seem to be doing to time by substituting “is” for “will be.” Time is something else at this level. Visualize the results you want as being already achieved.

The more you practice this technique, the more beautiful coincidences will occur and the more firm will be your belief, which in turn will produce even more beautiful coincidences. As soon as you learn to use your mental screen you can begin to spark this chain reaction

Those who continued to practice Mind Control after the training were able greatly to alter their lives by it, and even those who did not practice it were able to use it in times of crisis, when they had to cope with stress or had important decisions to make. For everyone it seemed to be a mind expansion experience, a revelation that they could use their mind in other ways. Group enthusiasm mounted toward the end of the course and most persons experienced a higher emotional energy.

A habit is nothing more than impressions on brain cells that have been reinforced by repetition.

Mind Control is a very careful selection of mental exercises and techniques that reinforce each other. To ignore one because it does not work as well for you as another is to pass up the opportunity of truly full development. Dream Control reinforces your ability with the Mental Screen; the Mental Screen makes Dream Control more reliable and vivid.

“At what point does a person know he has gotten out of mind control everything there is to get?” “When you can convert all your problems into projects and make your projects work out the way you want them to “

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