Taman Safari

So we went to Taman Safari, It was 150k per person and my thought after going through the day actually this was cheap, you see all the animals and the games you play for free the first play for everygame, it was worth it. I thought the place will be ok but it turns out it was exciting, just by sitting in the car we can actually see the animal so close. I wanted to take more picture with the windows open but the others doesn't like the smell of the animal... Well this is a zoo, what do you expect? well it was exciting but the part I didn't enjoy was to just sit there with the window's closed, somehow it's just like watching a TV.
Anyway after going all that, surprisingly there was an amusement park where my daughter would really like try, like the rollercoaster, that wheel thingy, everything extreme... but in the end for her only the ones for baby but still fun. The event show was fun, it was something new for me where there's rare birds flying across and how that orang utan actually funny and so on... we missed the other part of the show I think there were dolphins, snakes and something but it was late we couldn't see anymore attraction. We were thinking of going at night time because it says there's nighttime attraction but I think it wouldn't be as fun as daytime. My recommendation time of going there is 10 oclock in the morning.


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