Selling my first item online

I wanted the experience selling online even thought i'm in a online business, creating websites. Used to developped facebook commerce which is a online store that uses facebook page to create an online store, also created my own online store using CI framework so I basicly know a thing or two about ecommerce.

In Indonesia, currently there are a lot of ecommerce sites but the ones that are stuck in my head was Tokobagus, Tokopedia, Olx, Bukalapak. My only options are only Tokopedia and OLX... tried OLX somehow they are not so reliable on their security, but then i checked on tokopedia, it made me a bit more secure then using OLX, but then I tried on using OLX to find someone to recruit (that's about it and it won't even let me set my website link omg).
First I tried selling a used magazine but it doesn't attract anyone then after that I sold my HDTV for samsung that has 30pin. The day after I post someone already asked if it's ready, wow just in a day (and maybe also because I sold it for cheap). I bought it about Rp300.000, I sold it for half of it then I saw in glodok electronic that it's about Rp.400.000, if I sold it for 300 I would still probably selled it.
Then I thought, how to the hell do you wrap a package and send it to someone? I never send a package in my life. Checked on youtube found a tutorial on how to wrap a package. Then I found out that all I need :
  • paper map
  • transparant sticky tape
  • marker


Wouldn't thought it would be that easy to send a package...

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