Swollen Salivary Glands

One after another, I've had TNC, HNP, Gall Bladder taken out and now a week after surgery, this happens... I believe this is a cleansing for me as I never had major sick time in the last 10 years but the storm will pass.

This swollen is pretty annoying since it doesn't let me sleep, I need paracetamol every times it's throbbing and when it throbs my tooth aches as well. Went to a ENT Specialist had few antibiotics for 5 days but each days still feels like hell. Had to go back to the doctor but turns out it not swollen anymore but now it's the gum that's swollen so now I have to go to a dentist to know what's happening.

When meeting the dentist, turns out she had no empathy, I had to be injected by needle in the gum around 6 times, she kept on drilling, it turns out it was cavity that presses something on my nerve, that's why I'm having pain.

So I need to remind myself, at least every year to get my cavity clean.

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