Renewing License

Renewing License

I've got this license for a motorbike and car, both of these are made at the same time so renewing my license also needs to be at the same time. Well, this is my first time renewing my 5-year license because before that I never had any but still can be cruising around in my car, just need to avoid some places like at the center of the city.

So I've checked around, to renew my license first I need to find where to renew my license. Found one in Gandaria city, in google Maps there's information on the community posted photos in there and that's how I got the idea of what I'll be needing.

the requirement

So all the requirement seems fine, but the test psychology is somehow different, never heard of that.

Read this, ok got it

Ok, we found this it says test online psychology, Ah I get the system... so for me to have 2 licenses then I would need to take 2 tests, it was pretty easy, I thought I had to pay right away but no, you have to give it to the admin and pay there (around 60k each test). Printed them and have 4 of the requirements ready then off to the place.

Example of the result of the test

In the venue, wrote my name on a sheet of paper and waited for my name to be called. After being called, give the requirement then have a small read test. The first is to read color and read small letters. They told me to go out and take the test (which I have already taken and printed) luckily I took the test on a laptop (can't imagine doing it on a mobile phone), I just need to pay for the test about 120k for 2 tests, and after this take the photo then pay about 330k. So total I pay about 450k for 2 licences, half price on making a new one which is about 500k (tembak).

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