RedDotRuby in Singapore

First time in Singapore, Had a Ruby Conference RedDotRuby where the event took place in metropolis in Bueno Vista. I never had a meetup or even Conference here in Jakarta, once I go to a conference, it's a big one, It was awesome…

Me and my coworker when to this conference paid by our employer of course, to me I feel thankful because my previous work there were no funds for IT to take this kind of Improvement.

So we took Lion Air which took us about 1-2 hour flight to Singapore, in the airport I already planned everything. Get a sim card and learn how the MRT map and payment works, that's what I did and it was according to plan. Luckily we didn't take the hotel near the location because there were nothing in that location, there were only offices and cafes. Best place to get hotel is near the city...

I didn't bring my vape because it is said that they banned vaporizers and might take the item from the airport. The way I see it is... It is ok bring vapes event though I didn't bring it but I confirmed with my pilot friend he said it was ok... went back to smoke cigarettes for 2 days. Didn't know about the culture of smoking in there, I just observed what would the people do to smoke then I notice they all gather around the ashtray to smoke.

We had 2 days of event so we make damn sure to take a look around everywhere. Went to Bugis Street, little India, Orchard, Mustafa Centre, Merlion ( didn't think it was this small should went for a bigger one). The people in there was not that very friendly, I see now why people say that Indonesian are friendly people. Didn't see any police patrolling around, I ask the driver from Uber that they don't need the police, only come when there's a need.

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