Reactive Hepatitis C

After surgery, because there were a lot of tests happening when I was an in-patient in the hospital, it turns out I have reactive hepatitis C which I heard usually happened because of sharing needles or blood-to-blood contact, the last thing I knew is that my father used to have this and I'm afraid to have this if this goes on to bad. The doctor has a solution that needs to be taken every day but that 1 bottle alone is expensive around 6.5m, luckily I found a pharmacist who provided COD, I wasn't sure my self if I should send the money first not like we were using e-commerce where they keep the money and makes sure that the item is received.


This needs to be taken 1 every day for 3 months and cannot be missed a single day, my tip is to set an alarm 2 times 1 morning and 1 afternoon in case missed taking it.

Update (22-11-22) - Today was my last tablet, and hopefully, will be healthy again with this drug, somehow the surgery is a blessing in disguise, and I was able to identify this problem early. I need to go back to the doctor after 3 months and take a blood test and see if the virus is still there or not.

Update (11-12-23) - After checking my blood, it still has the reactive. So we went to a different approach, we went to Djamillah in Bandung, they can restore which doctors are unable to. What I learned from here is, that every problem has a solution, it's just how we find the solution that matters. I like to fail quickly so, I can make faster conclusions, so it's worth trying. In my case Epclusa is not working, it's maybe because of the amount of viruses that I have a lot already in my body that Epclusa can't vanish all of them. In Djamillah, we tried my wife who had hepa A but is already cured, now I am positive that this would work for me as well. Bismillah.

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