Checklist Stages of my development

Some of these are optional, but these are my preferred way for development.


  • debugbar - its a must, you can see query for that page and many more
  • iseed - in case you need to reverse seed
  • mailtrap - grabing all mail


  • Css Framework - I prefer one of these, boostrap or tailwind
  • Flash Session - Check all the flash session, sometimes we forget
  • Icons - Now use heroicons, so you don't need to import the cdn all you need is the svg code
  • Unit test - Check first if this really necessary, sometimes if you're alone and make a simple website it's unnecessary.


  • Check All validations
    Move to Own Request
    If there's any validation in controller move them
    Check all method for store & update
    add validation if there's any
    check form validation value
    don't you just hate it when you add a form and you have to do it again. Use old().
  • Refactor code - Check all the core file if there can be updated
  • PHPMD - Check messy code
  • PHPCS - Check code standard


  • Transactional Mail - MailGun / Ses - In development you need mailtrap if in production pick one of these.
  • Check All security
    Route wise, If the app is for many public users use slug else just use id.
  • Notification - Should this be sending email, save to db or some other channel.
  • Cache - Check where can it be cached
  • Sentry - Receive all error logs
  • Google Analytics - Who doesn't know this products
  • Ping - I've found some of the pinger websites are so expensive, need to make one.
  • Backup - Spatie backup - if different host, I still don't get how to backup

If you are in a team

  • CI & CD : Github Action, Semaphore, Bitbucket Pipeline
  • Tag : Usually want to add facebook pixel and so on

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