Morrissey Hotel Jakarta Review

We went to one day stay cation, my wife saw the standard operation for covid is acceptable. Meaning that if my wife said it is clean that means it should be top notch so we decided to stay in this hotel. Located in the Central Business District of Menteng, it is near to Monas & the famous jalan jaksa where we would like to go but didn't we just drove around because of covid. This Apartement / Hotel, I'm not sure if this is apartment nor hotel but the name of the place is Morrissey Serviced Apartment, so does it mean it's a half apartment and half hotel ?

I have a new habit now, if we're staying in a hotel we would bring an UV light, so when we check in I would go to the room first and UVed the room then go out for an hour even though in this hotel said that the room has been UVed but it's better be careful than sorry.

After walking around near the pool, I think this place is nice for a wedding. I don't really like my morning breakfast, the foods are standard no catchy food, and also in our room we found tomcat ants, 2 of them...

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