Lightsail AWS restore and backup

As I was minding my own business, someone warns me that we have malware in our system. I checked and it's true the CPU load is about 95% takes most of the resource. So I checked if we have any snapshots in lightsail and luckily we have for a week and the automatic snapshots are enabled, so I checked the resources and saw how long did the process was running and it was about 4 hours more so it can't be more than yesterdays backup.

When restoring backups, you just need to pick which date and create new instance.

After picking which regions and sizes you want then just create a new instance. Then detach your IP static from the old to the new. Don't forget to attach IpV4 Firewall Https and login to the server and restart nginx.

What I learned from this is, that it is really important to have a backup for production even if it costs a little bit more and especially if it's a WordPress site.

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