Installing Laravel in Cpanel

First it was a bit frustrated, since I usually use our own server when installing laravel, I know this can be done though,  so I made a new subdomain first to be sure and this is where you can't use command line at all which most of every web development is now is with command line. Tough I tried to use command line using ssh access but failed because I tried to many times by importing my keys.

ssh -p 22 [email protected]

So another way is to just upload the zipped file to the domain, at first i struggled on setting to /public turns out you just need to add it in domain so Struggled also in SSL turns out you need to generate a new certificate (I'm just not used to this).

What you need to check first is to make sure that you are using the same version of PHP on your local and your hosting server. Install composer and everything in local then zip everything then ship it. I used FTP to send because the file upload always fails me when I upload it. So that all there is...

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