HaloBCA 500888 number is used for scamming

With this, I will only write was has happened with me with a scammer using halobca name as a cover, who knows this will help preventing to someone else. Yesterday I got a call with the number of 500888 where the number is nearly similar to HaloBCA where its number is 1500888, at first I was suspicious but not fully suspicious because the call was using VOIP, the man said with his words "I want to complain because there's a unreasonable 4 times transaction with your credit card" I was asked if the credit card is in my possession and luckily I can access klikbca where I can check my credit card transaction, from here I wasn't yet suspicious ones again but when he told me to check my message now that's when I get suspicious. I then told him that why would you need to scam with a calm voice because I know that this is a waste of time and my energy then I hang up the phone. The message looks like this

BCA: KODE OTP {nomor} transaksi bukalapakcom, IDR 1.0022.359,00 berlaku 5 menit. jgn beritahu kode ini kpd siapapun termasuk yang mengaku dr BCA

this was sent to my message 4 times, I tried to do the right thing by reporting this to Bukalapak but the message wasn't strong enough to make a case, also I sent a letter to HaloBCA as well.

What I learned was when someone using VOIP as a call and try to be an institute like BCA, that will be my red flag and always check the number on internet you might find something.

Update Nov 22 2021

Had an email from Bank Permata about this issue, just didn't think that they were the one who had initiative to remind their customer to be careful. Thumbs up. Just wondering Why don't BCA do this as well?

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