Gonla shuts down? Or not?

My old work which is at gonla.com, It is said that in here that it's now currently shuts down, but how come now I can see it online again? Is this how they handle being hacked then just tell everyone that we are restructuring and so on? then in the comment by muhammad that caught my eye, wew this guy straight up hates this guy who are now the head of IT. I know who this might be but I can be wrong.

Then Tnooz dot com (expired link)

Dear Clients Greeting, Sadly I would like to inform you that GONLA is shut down starting September 01, 2013 due to holding company reason There will be no reservation from Gonla anymore starting that day my apology for short notice and sorry for any inconvenience Thank you for kind attention, Hope to see you again sometime someday somehow.
For me it's just sad to see this going down...

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