Godaddy VS Bluehost

It was ages ago that I use Bluehost, I was looking for a shared hosting where I could also install something in the server, the fact that i was a bit new to server my choice was either Godaddy or Bluehost. It was great at the begining, there was a discount on the hosting half a price which is nice.

The problem with Bluehost is, it is too slow and to many downtime, it's horrible for me for not being in the US where my sites target 90% is Indonesian. So then I moved to Godaddy after 2 years in Bluehost then I realized Godaddy is worse than Bluehost. If there was a Malware in Bluehost, the admin of the Bluehost would tell me that there's a malware in one of the sites and they would give me a report.

In Godaddy, there was malware everywhere don't even think of using Wordpress in that Hosting, it just the matter of time you will get a malware. The first 3 month was hell so I checkout another way, in the end I choose to setup my own server in DigitalOcean, it was worth it. The problem I had was email, in those shared hosting they already have the mail server ready for us to use. The answer to this problem was Google apps which is now paid service so I search for another 3 services Google Apps like so I end up in Zoho.

So if you have trouble like me, get someone to setup a server for multiple sites this will saves you a lot of hustle, get from upwork or comment below I'll be gladly to help...

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