Getting Laid Off

This is my first time experiencing laying off, expected positive thinking about it when I got a meeting with HR called "discussion". I choose to feel both because I know this is something that I could not control, the positive thing about this is I'm debt-free after this and I can refocus on something else for some time while searching for a new job. My negative thinking about this is what if I could get a job like this and some other negative thinking like what if I couldn't get any job. I kept those feelings in mind if something was going to happen and of course, getting laid off outweighs all the problems.

When the day comes with my mindset ready, then boom, I probably call him a friend but I know when it comes to HR they focus on the company, not the staff. No shock no hard feeling, my mind is straight up. I checked the draft and the amount I'm getting from this then was done with it. Packed up all my stuff then just went home.

When something is not in your control, maybe list all the good things and bad things about this event.

Update: It's been a month since we had the discussion, I've got to only 3 interviews, 1 meeting offline, and 2 online with a take-home assignment. I've been hearing about the winter tech, a bit worried about this. I also found someone in Tiktok in the same industry but different background, he's currently a year after his resignation and has not gotten any job since that then became a seller in Tiktok. I've been working on my saas as well hope I can launch this.

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